Your Brand – your promise and your future

By Dan Rogers

The pulse of a healthy business is a brand that perfectly expresses what you promise – what you intend to do and your constant attention to getting it right! You win as an organization when that promise matters to your target audience, AND you deliver on that promise.

“Branding” is problem solving when any of that changes. Nothing stays the same for long and brands must be flexible and adapt to these changes. Think of it this way (at least WE find it helpful to think of it this way!) - if you establish a big enough “big idea” behind your business, you have lots of options for where to take it. Also remember that your brand is nothing more than verbal, auditory and visual reminders of the promise you make – and hopefully how you intend to act. The continuous process of “branding” is nothing more than helping to make that promise clear and obvious to all.

It all starts with that powerful language that expresses your big idea – a “big idea” that is big enough and focused on your customer – examples of big enough, lasting “big ideas”?

How about one that is 130+ years old – Filson® Outdoor Clothing – “Might As Well Have The Best”. More than words and even fabulous and bomb-proof products; it’s a lifetime relationship to a company and their idea of uncompromising quality – their products are unconditionally guaranteed forever.

Or in the realm of healthcare branding – MD Anderson Cancer Center – “Making Cancer History” – more than a clever play on words, it is a compelling and combined statement of purpose and encompasses every aspect of their specialty care. Sounds simple, and honestly it is, but there are a series of problems, issues and challenges our clients routinely face in building a powerful brand from the big idea up – stay tuned…